CLP Winner and Changes

A BIG THANKS to all who have taken part in my challenges. I'm making some changes to my challenge, please note that from March on, my challenge will run on the first of each month making CLP Challenge a monthly Sketch Challenge. With four sketches a month, it's too much of a rush, lets slow things down with one sketch a month and enjoy the craft side of this challenge. :) Hope you're on board with me for this change, concern and/or comments are always welcome. :) See you back March 1st (tomorrow) for a monthly CLP Sketch Challenge! Thank you.

The Winner of the February CLP Challenge is:

Susie from White Ribbon Cards

Congrats Susie, please email me your address to claim your prize! Here is a badge made especially for you...all four cards you have entered in the CLP challenges. Thanks for taking part every week in my challenges.


  1. Oh Chelsea, I am so pleased you are going Monthly, I loved taking part in the challenges but sometimes life got in the way and stopped me from completing the 4 challenges necessary. Thank you for taking this on board. You are a sweetheart. Looking forward to the next challenge. Hugs n Love Suzi xx

  2. Oh thank you Chelsea for choosing me as your winner, I so look forward to your sketches a I have to agree with Suzi, goung monthly has been a wonderful idea!!!

    Love Susie xx

  3. I agree with the other ladies and I'm looking forward to taking part now. You do the most beautiful sketches.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  4. Congrats Susie! Can't wait for our next sketch. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. Yah Susie! Beautiful cards. Big Congratulations to you.
    Hugz Bonnie

  6. Hi Chel, Monthly sounds terrific. Anything is fine with me. I sooo enjoy taking part in all your challenges. Your sketches always being so beautiful and challenging. I enjoyed working with them.
    Luv Bonnie

  7. Great idea Chelsea, I agree one a month is awsome. I will be able to get back to your challenges again. I just love looking at all of your work. Just beautiful.

  8. Hi Chelsea
    Agree with the other ladies good idea, there is so many challenges now, I do like to get round them at different times of the month, and I will have your lovely stamp to do your challenge cant wait.
    Christine x

  9. Congratulations Susie!

    Chels - I will miss your weekly sketches very much, but I'm on board with a monthly sketch, too. :) I understand the rush from *my* point of view and can only imagine the responsibility on your side. Haha - I'm such a CLP Sketch junkie that I'll go back through your site and pull the sketches I wasn't able to do. That will keep me busy!

    Congratulations on winning the Showtime Set over at Mary's. :) So cute!

    Cheers sweets,

  10. I think that's great you changed your challenges to monthly. I can't wait to try out.

    Congrats Susie!!!