Gurlee Girl Store Update

Just an update on my Gurlee Girl Craft Store:

  • New Butterfly Dreams Collection from Magnolia are now in stock and ready to ship (worldwide shipping) *HERE*
  • Prima Papers, Prima Flowers, and my Handmade items will be added shortly

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a wonderful day.



  1. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I have been waiting anxiously to see if you were getting these little darlings in. Oh I'm just bursting!!! My love you've made my day!!! I'm going shopping right now.
    Love Bonnie

  2. OH ma GOSH! I'm so blind! I didn't know you had a STORE!! aaaa ha ha ha! I'm always busy looking at your amazing cards. I don't know why I missed that. Well off to check it out!

  3. hmmmm .. okay here is the post for the new maggie stamps. LOL!!! Snuck this one by me huh?! LOL I'm kidding!!! You make the most beautiful banners .. or logos .. or whatever these heading things are called! I love it!