Tutorial - Colored Glass Bottles and Jars

I love collecting glass jars/bottles and giving them a hint of color.
I use them to hold buttons, beads, pearls and anything else I can fit into them ... makes my craft room more personalized.
I also like to alter them and give them as a beautiful one-of-a-kind gift.

I'll share with you how I achieve these colored glass bottles.
Please note that this technique is for dry use only, adding water to these bottles will strip the colors away.
You can make them as dark as you like, it just depend on the amount of ink you add in.
I like mine to be soft, light and airy ... just a blush of color.

Here's the Before and After photos ...

Materials needed:

  • Glass Jar/Bottle
  • Distress Ink Reinker
  • Liquitex Glazing Medium

Step 1 -Mix

  • Add a good amount of glazing medium to coat the inside of the bottle.
  • Add in two drops of your desire Distress Ink Reinker color.
  • Slowly mix together by gently swirling the mixture around to avoid bubbles.
  • You can adjust the color by adding more ink or glazing medium. The color will dry much lighter then the mixture.
  • You should get a thick mixture with no bubble in it.

Step 2 - Rotate

  • Carefully rotate the bottle so that the mixture will coat the inside of the bottle.
  • Tilt and rotate the mixture until the entire bottle is cover.

Step 3 - Drip

  • Let all the excess solution drip out making sure the mouth of the bottle is completely coated with the mixture.
  • Leave the bottle upside down to dry for 12 hours.
  • After 12 hours, turn the bottle right side up and let dry for another 12 hours.

Step 4 - Finish

  • This is how it look when the mixture is still wet, it will dry to a much lighter color.

Wasn't that so easy? The hardest part is waiting for it to dry!
I hope you find this tutorial fun and useful.
I'm working on a project with these beautiful bottles, I'll be back to share them later in the week.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy your day.


  1. wow! just amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, Chelsea, what a great idea. These are so gorgeous. Love colord glass. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Hugs, Yvon

  3. Hi Chelsea,

    I love glass en this is a simple way of makingbeautiful bottles.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Hugs Carla

  4. Hi Chelsea,
    Wow, that's neat. Can't wait to see your projects with your beautiful bottles.

  5. These look beautiful, and so easy (apart from the wait for drying!).
    Love, Andrea xx

  6. Gorgeous Chelsea -
    You are so talented, love this cute idea..... I wish I still had my bottle collections but gave them up several years ago.....
    Have an awesome evening....

  7. You are amazing Ms. Chelsea!! Wow, simply gorgeous!!! I collect glass bottles and this tutorial really got me excited!! I always wished to add a transparent tint to my glass bottles but assumed that it was impossible! What a beautiful creation.. thank you so much for sharing, Chelsea!!! hugs :)

  8. Oh WOW!! Definitely having a go at this, thanks so much for sharing how its done.

  9. Awesome idea. I collect bottles, also, although I tend to collect colored bottles because I like a hint of color. Your post is wonderful and I can open my horizons to clear bottles and tint them myself! Thanks so much! Hugs, Gail

  10. Chelsea these bottles are gorgeous! so sweet and delicate. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.