Shabby pastel card

How have you been, are you ready for some weekend fun?  We're having beautiful weather here, planning on taking the doggies to the park and just let them loose.  My Cavalier love chasing squirrels and birds, while my little Pom chases after me to pick him up. Hahaha

Anyway, I love making flowers, its addicting actually!  You should give it a try, maybe you'll like it as much as I do.     If you decide to give it a try, I recommend Jerri's Dahlia tutorials.  She has a series of detailed tutorials with step by step instruction and it's easy to follow.  Thanks for sharing your wonderful technique with us Jerri.  The result is amazing!!!

For my card, I have made fabric flowers with chiffon fabric and paper flowers with watercolor paper.

pretty pastel blue hydrangeas ...

cute charm with "Live" in the center ...

chiffon flower ...

Japanese glass beads as flower stamens ...

another look at the finished card ...

Thank you for reading, I wish you a wonderful day and have a great weekend.


  1. Gorgeous Chelsea! I love making flowers too!

  2. this is again a very beautiful card so soft Chelsea.

    gr karin

  3. Thank you so much for the link Chelsea, I'm tickled pink you like the tutorials. Oh my gosh, this card is so soft and dreamy . . . shabbilicious!!! Your flowers are, as always, absolutely amazing! I love the glass bead stamens, so creative and gorgeous . . . thank you so much for sharing your beautiful designs, they bring such delight to the soul!

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the park. I have a wee little doxie (dachshund), he loves chasing lizards so if your park has them, he'd surely be in heaven.

  4. Your flowers are AMAZING, Chelsea.
    Love the cute charm. Your cards are all unique works of art....a joy to behold!

  5. this is amazing!!!!!:)lovely:):)

  6. So so beatiful card!!!! Flowers are so gentle!!

  7. Simply stunning. Your flower artistry is so professional. They sure look real with a wonderful touch of elegance in every aspect of your card. Have a great weekend.

  8. przepiękna kartka bardzo mi siępodoba ułożenie kwiatów ten kwiwt niebieski jest fenomenalny

  9. This is stunning Chelsea.. Gorgeous colors and those flowers are spectacular.. Thanks for the info on the tutorial..:)